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Wakeari Bukken ni Wakeari
Status Ongoing
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Wakeari Bukken ni Wakeari

Harumi-chan, a young office worker who always yearned to live alone, begins to do so in a supposedly haunted apartment. Even when her items began to move on their own, or when unusual phenomena occurred not a single thing phased her. However... a weird guy with fox ears suddenly appeared right before her!? ...or to be more precise, Kurogane, the Yokai who lives in her "haunted" apartment appeared! "Even if he’s a Yokai, there's no way I'm letting him stay rent-free!" Taking turns with the cleaning, laundry, and even the meals -- the two of them, having signed a roommate contract, begin their bizarre, exciting, and fluffy life together!
Released 10 months ago
Posted On 10 months ago
Updated On 3 months ago
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Chapter Wakeari Bukken ni Wakeari


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