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The Real Daughter Is Back
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The Real Daughter Is Back

Helga Yttri, a half-noble lady who inherited the blood of a lowly maid. A bastard child whose position was switched by the Duke's maid; a Fake child. Helga gave her everything to be recognised as the real daughter. "Your Grace! The real Young Miss is alive." "She goes by the name Hyllian...!" Helga prayed to God countless times so that the real Young Miss never returned. " ...don't come back, Hyllian." "Don't come back, please." She wondered if her prayers failed to reach God because she was a fake daughter. "Dear God, I've been praying countless times." "I asked you never to let 'that child' return." The prayers she howled until her throat went hoarse were all in vain. "The real daughter of the House of Yttri, Hyllian... The child who will destroy my whole world." The real daughter is back.
Released 3 months ago
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Chapter The Real Daughter Is Back


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