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Teihen Ryoushu No Kanchigai Eiyuutan
Status Ongoing
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Teihen Ryoushu No Kanchigai Eiyuutan

Baibalon, a territory considered the worst in the country. A place where those who have no home left flee to, filled with criminals, heretics, sick people and demihumans. Taking over the family as the next Lord, the young Rize Baibalon will try his best to stay alive in this god-forsaken place, not worrying if what he does to achieve that goal is going against the very founding doctrine of the country. With little common sense and recovery magic, can he accomplish his peace? Or will the misunderstandings continue to pile up and will he be branded as a Rebel?
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 4 months ago
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Chapter Teihen Ryoushu No Kanchigai Eiyuutan


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