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Suzu no Ne ga Kikoeru
Status Ongoing
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Suzu no Ne ga Kikoeru

Fantasy series of short stories that evolves animals. Note: Sweet. Chapter 1 ~ The Sound of A Bell Can Be Heard Pet Doctor Atsushi Kirishima meets a cat-guy with tail, cat-ear and injured eye when he is searching for his runaway patient animal. Atsushi can not leave the cat-guy and takes the guy to his animal hospital with him. Chapter 2 ~ The Cat's Love Continuation to " The Sound of A Bell Can Be Heard Chapter 3-4 ~ A Flicker of Light Hattori, an apprentice of Atsushi's father, Kenzou finds a dog in the mountains and brings it back in a car. On the way home the dog changes into a girl.. Chapter 5 ~ Kohaku's Diary Chapter 6 ~ The Delicate Pair Chapter 7 ~ Trouble Little Trouble Chapter 8 ~ (Black Cat + White Dog) > Human ~ Start on Pg. 38 Afterword
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 6 months ago
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Chapter Suzu no Ne ga Kikoeru


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