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Second Life of a Trash Princess
Status Ongoing
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Second Life of a Trash Princess

Legina, whose father was the murdered emperor, became the regent on behalf of her younger brother. While facing plenty of hardships, news about the depletion of government funds due to her maniac younger brother's behavior, and her fianc having an affair, begin to spread... In the end, she loses everything when her fianc commits treason. In her last moments, she turns back in time with the relic of the First Emperor. In order to stop the main culprit, Legina declares that instead of a maniac, her brother will become a love-crazy fool.She's a Nerd's SisterSecond Life of a Trash PrincessShe's the Sister of a Maniac
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On 19 days ago
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Chapter Second Life of a Trash Princess


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