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Sawatte, Tokashite
Status Completed
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Sawatte, Tokashite

The cute, slightly sinful, collection of stories. 1) Touch Me, Melt Me Tatsuya is a second year high school student whose tutor, and subsequently his father’s subordinant, tells him "I’m in love with you," and suddenly kisses him! Since then, even as he repels Saejima, Tatsuya is hyper-aware of him, but Saejima is constantly joking around, and Tatsuya doesn’t know how far he’s being serious. Why is it that the mature looks on Saejima’s face make Tatsuya’s heart to throb, and feel every touch?! (from Blissful Sin) 2) Touch Me, Spoil Me Continuation of chapter one. 3) How Do You Think I Feel Story about two video rental coworkers, Atsushi and Tetsu. 4) The Stars That I See When I’m with You Are Pretty Story about bath-house part timer Koutarou and the customer Aoi. 5-6) Flip · Flop Brothers Kiyo and Shun have somehow become estranged from each other, what could possibly be the reason?
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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