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Odoriba ni sukaato ga naru
Status Ongoing
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Odoriba ni sukaato ga naru

Haruma Kiki always dreamed of doing ballroom dance as the feminine "follower" role, but as she aged she only grew taller and taller, eventually causing her to give up ever looking good in a dress or anything ladylike. Now, as a second year in high school, she specializes in the masculine "leader" role—until one day, her partner suddenly leaves her. When Toribami Michiru, a short and pretty first year, shows up wanting to join the ballroom dance club, Kiki asks her to be her new partner, but Michiru reveals that she only plays the leader role—and she wants none other than Kiki as her partner.
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a month ago
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Chapter Odoriba ni sukaato ga naru


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