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Natsu No Teppen Ni Saku
Status Ongoing
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Natsu No Teppen Ni Saku

“If only I could be Yousuke’s boyfriend.” I’ve known Yousuke since I was young, he’s my best friend and we’ve always been together. Every summer, Yousuke and our group of friends would hit the beach, watch fireworks, go to festivals… That’s how I thought we’d be spending our days this summer, until that one day when Yousuke got a girlfriend. Seeing Yousuke’s girlfriend by his side made my chest ache. Seeing Yousuke fully devoting himself to his part-time job just to go on a date with his girlfriend bothered me. It didn’t take long before I realised that this was the very definition of “jealousy”. My feelings for Yousuke grew with each passing day, until one day, my feelings overflowed… They’re more than just childhood friends or best friends… The coming-of-age story of two clumsy and honest high-school boys!
Released 10 months ago
Posted On 10 months ago
Updated On 10 months ago
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Chapter Natsu No Teppen Ni Saku


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