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Midare Somenishi
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Midare Somenishi

Once, Shirou and his little brother were captured by bandits and then forced to work for them. Shirou is not only forced into the bandit lifestyle himself, but is also forced to become the bandit leader’s, Sougetsu-sama’s, sex toy. Night after night, day after day, he is forced to gratify the leader’s sexual appetite. Though Shirou is extremely strong and is able to fight off any attacker’s, he cannot, for the life of him, repel Sougetsu-sama’s advances. Shirou hates the bandit leader with all his might, yet cannot deny the sexual gratification that the man brings him. The bandit leader, Sougetsu-sama, has many lovers. Yet, why does he constantly keep coming back to the violent and unwilling Shirou, when he already has a bevy of willing partners at his beck and call? Sougetsu-sama’s partiality towards Shirou is not only puzzling, but it also creates jealousy amongst some of his lover who views the strong Shirou as nothing more than a rabid dog because of his violent nature. Born with beautiful, natural red-hair at a time in Japan when such traits were tantamount to being vilified as a demon; Shirou seems to epitomize the ultimate characteristic of the bloodthirsty fiend. He is feisty and refuses the bandit leader with all his might; and as a result, ends up being raped by Shougetsu-sama most of the time. What will be the outcome of their struggle? Will there ever be a balance between them, or will this game of cat and mouse continue?
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Chapter Midare Somenishi


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