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Kishibe Rohan Wa Ugokanai
Status Ongoing
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Kishibe Rohan Wa Ugokanai

Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe is the name of a series of One-Shots featuring Rohan Kishibe (of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV) as the narrator and/or protagonist. This volume contains the following one-shots: - Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - At a Confessional: As he is visiting Italy, Rohan decides to research the churches, especially for their architecture and spiritual background. He walks into a confession booth to research the interior, but mistakenly walks into the side reserved for the priest. Shortly after, a man walks into the other side of the booth and confesses his sin to Rohan, believing him to be the priest. Rohan hears his confession anyway, interested in getting information out of the man. This one-shot was also included in Shikei Shikkouchuu Datsugoku Shinkouchuu. - Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Mutsukabezaka: Rohan meets his editor, Kagamari Minoru, while reading a De Staël's Art book. Rohan explains that due to his research about the Yokai legend he bought 6 mountains in order to stop a corporation who wanted to build a resort in that area. When the resort plan was abandoned, Rohan's lands lose its value and he is unable to recover his money. However, Rohan tells his editor the research was a success and begins telling him about it. - Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Millionaire Village: Rohan Kishibe accompanies Izumi Kyouka, a Manga magazine editor, to a buy house at a village far off from civilization. They soon discover the village is home to a group of millionaires who had all mysteriously become rich at the age of 25. Rohan and Izumi enter one of the houses, only to realize they they are trapped by a mysterious power that won't let them progress unless they follow specific rules lest they suffer the consequences. - Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Poaching Reef: Tonio Trussardi (a minor character featured in Part IV: Diamond Is Unbreakable) seeks Rohan's help in retrieving a rare type of abalone from the sea near Morioh, as a key ingredient in a dish intended to treat Tonio's wheelchair-ridden beloved. - Rohan Kishibe goes to Gucci: A short story published in the October 2011 issue of the fashion magazine Spur, in which the mangaka mixes advertising for Gucci products with a little supernatural flavour courtesy of Kishibe Rohan and his grandmother's old traveling bag.
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 8 months ago
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Chapter Kishibe Rohan Wa Ugokanai


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