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Kimi ga Ichiban Soba ni Iru
Status Completed
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Kimi ga Ichiban Soba ni Iru

A collection of short stories: 1) You're The Closest to Me - Minato and Ozumi are best friends and neighbors. But lately Ozumi has started feeling restless when Minato isn't around. Then a Ozumi meets a handsome older man who likes him... 2) You're the Closest to Me Side Story - Ozumi is still being approached on streets and sexually harassed by guys, but Minato is there to protect him. But lately Minato hasn't been around. Does he have a secret? 3) Forbidden - A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to play indoors in this fourteen page story. 4) Excellence - Student obsessed with miniatures discovers there are other fun things to buy on the internet. 5) Rivalry 6) Last Chance A boy has a hardcore one-sided love. His crush finally agrees to go with the boy, but soon after the boy learns that his crush might be moving away to England! His last chance to take his crush all for himself is at the trip!
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 8 months ago
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Chapter Kimi ga Ichiban Soba ni Iru


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