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Karada, Kasanete, Kasanatte
Status Ongoing
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Karada, Kasanete, Kasanatte

Five years ago, her boyfriend dumped her saying, "Sex with you is really boring." Since then, Misuzu has kept her distance from love and sex, and before she knew it, she's already turned 29. Mikage is a new colleague of hers and though she finds herself getting attracted to him, she just can't seem to take the next step forward since she believes that "dating equals eventually having sex." Then one day, Mikage confesses to her that he likes her, and when the two begin to have sex as lovers, things suddenly came to a halt. It turns out that Mikage also has a problem: "When I try to have sex, I get too nervous and become unable to get it up." After learning about each other's problems with sex, they vow to find a way to "satisfy each other through sex" together because they love each other so much! Men, women, and sex. They overlap both their hearts and bodies as they yearn for each other, worry, and get each other's heart racing. This is the story of two awkward adults as they fumble about in their romance.
Released 4 months ago
Posted On 4 months ago
Updated On a month ago
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Chapter Karada, Kasanete, Kasanatte


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