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Houkago, Seifuku o Nui de
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Houkago, Seifuku o Nui de

Compilation of Short Stories: 1. Saikou Kanojo - KURUMATANI Haruko Everyone is afraid of Chisa's boyfriend - Masa because of his face. But he's actually a pretty nice boy...!? 2. Yuuwaku Gokko - YUUHI Ryuu Sayuki, who's never had a boyfriend in the 16 years of her life, starts to go out with her grown-up, popular cousin Takumi...?! 3. Iinchou no Himegoto - AIKAWA Saki Where Committee Chairman Ayano woke up this morning was in the bed of Yakuza-son Kagura! And also... in underwear only!? - I love you, so I wanna touch you - girls' sexual excitement - (first chapter of Iinchou no Himegoto) 4. Setsuna no Chuushin - WATANABE Shiho The one who came near Chiri, who's fed up with only meeting her friends, was the one her friend liked, Eiji... 5. Daytime wa Mayonaka ni MITSUKI Miko Himeko must start working part-time to pay her school fees. She gets a job as a personal maid for a superrich, superhandsome young man. But what does he expect her to do!? 6. Sokubaku?Darling - YAGAMI Rina Aki went to bed with Sakamaki - the biggest playboy in school. He demands that Aki should be his girlfriend until his kiss marks vanish! Rate this story

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