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Estea: Hajimari no Mahou wo Tsugu Mono
Status Ongoing
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Estea: Hajimari no Mahou wo Tsugu Mono

A wand and a spell. Those are the tools that are needed for mages to perform miracles. But people have made “magic-enhancing apparatuses” with their technology, and the old robe-wearing mages are a thing of the past. The main character, Estea, is a mage who grew up in the backwaters of the countryside. She was trained from a young age by her grandmother, a woman who valued tradition, Estea, however, is so clumsy that she cannot even master rudimentary magic. She had given up on herself completely, but upon leaving her hometown and entering into a magic school in the city, she is caught up in a mission that all mages must take up - a battle to protect the world. Spirits? An abandoned city? An adventure of miracles and curses begins.
Released 5 months ago
Posted On 5 months ago
Updated On 3 months ago
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Chapter Estea: Hajimari no Mahou wo Tsugu Mono


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