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Eiyuu to Kosodoro
Status Ongoing
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Eiyuu to Kosodoro

- Eiyuu to Kosodoro / The Hero And The Petty ThiefIsaac, an injured and retired Air Force pilot, was once called the "Nobleman of the Skies" because of his brilliant military service. Upon returning home, he meets a boy named Lenny who broke in while it was abandoned. Isaac, who knew the kid was a war orphan, decided to take him in and they started living together. Lenny was initially rebellious but gradually became aware of Isaac. The life for the two was going smoothly... That is until bounty for Lenny was posted around town for a murder incident.A heart-shaking European Romance title work with two other stories. - Bokutachi wa koushite Hanshokushiteiru / This Is How We Breed - Aishikata wo mitsuketa yo / I've Found A Way To Love
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Eiyuu to Kosodoro


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