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Do Not Mess With The Stupid Concubine
Status Ongoing
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Do Not Mess With The Stupid Concubine

Do Not Mess with the Stupid ConcubineShe was the famous stupid Miss of the Prime Minister’s house, who, because of her divorce, committed suicide by running herself into a pole! Mu Qingge from the 21st century took over the dead body, and excels in both poison and medicine, became a legend. People call her an idiot, well, I’ll show you intelligence that you shall never reach! I’ll present you a beauty that has never existed under the heavens! Taking down foes and enemies by pretending to be weak; using and manipulating others, this is her playground!
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 8 months ago
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Chapter Do Not Mess With The Stupid Concubine


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