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Crimson Ribbon: Smoke on the Water
Status Ongoing
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Crimson Ribbon: Smoke on the Water

Crimson Ribbon follows the story of the Bulsara family through the years, starting all the way in 1500 Italy with Sov Bulsara and his adoptive brother, Mario Bulsara. The brothers' relations will have a rough start as they will have to fight each other, however this is the simple start to a series of events that will not only include the brothers, but will also end up affecting Sov's sons: Rosso and Nicko, who, once grown up, will find themselves questioning what is right and what their family's relation to the World really is.One thing is for sure, these events will change their lives and their destiny forever.A simple manga inspired by 80's battle shounens Crimson Ribbon hopes to entertain its readers as well as pay homage to the manly mangas of the past.
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 8 months ago
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Chapter Crimson Ribbon: Smoke on the Water


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